• Dean Crutchfield

    Dean Crutchfield

    Spend my waking hours chasing clients, customers, competitors and elusive killer-diller ideas to slay the dragon, win the gold and the hand of the fair maiden.

  • Terminal 3

    Terminal 3

    Travel and Work Remotely Across the World. Apply Today! www.terminal3.co

  • Ross Morrison

    Ross Morrison

    Writer/Advertising Person/Gentleman Adventurer

  • Zone of Designers

    Zone of Designers

    Share the knowledge to grow. www.zode.com.br

  • Albert Ocampo

    Albert Ocampo

    Bon vivant, æsthete.

  • Carlo De Vincentiis

    Carlo De Vincentiis

  • belinda lopez

    belinda lopez

    creative content producer

  • Meg Scheding

    Meg Scheding

    The internet! Baseball! Soccer! Literature!

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